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Customer Service: Wales' Hidden Advantage

New joint whitepaper released

A whitepaper, drafted by the Welsh Contact Centre Forum and Deighton Consultants, has been released.

The paper presents the unique set of values and qualities found in Wales' that make the nation a hub of recognised customer service excellence, and addresses the challenges that exist in representing this excellence on a global scale. Major steps that can be taken by the industry in self-promotion are suggested.

"The ability to deliver a high level of customer service and respond to an increasingly demanding and vociferous customer base has become crucial for businesses in recent years. Indeed, for many, it has become the number one area of competitive advantage. However, despite the importance of the customer experience in business success, there is little discussion with regard to how good we as a Welsh nation are at delivering great service.

The authors believe that Wales, as a nation, has key characteristics andcapabilities that could allow it to compete in a global customer service market and that our credentials have been proven by the companies that operate here."

>> You can view the whitepaper in full here.

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